The World of Dehalen.

When Guile pulls Slayd through the mirror, he pulls him into the world of Dehalen, which appears to be a dark and twisted place, like something out of a nightmare. No sun hangs in the sky, the trees seem to move on their own, and magic pervades the very fabric of this world. Slayd’s path takes him on a long journey through the kingdoms scattered throughout this world where lords of insects reign, and bow to a mysterious figure called Moroloth, the Lich King, who may hold the key to Slayd’s lost memory.
Dehalen is actually a world within a world - the Realm of the Grigora. Dehalen was spawned out of the refuse, magical chaff, and dead bodies of the nightmarish and demon-like Grigora when they warred with each other, many millenia ago. Being created and pervaded with such dark magic, Dehalen is not a material world like ours. It has borders called the Veil, that none can pass through alive (unless they know the secret way).

The Veil.

Essentially a barrier between the realms of Dehalen and that of the Grigora, the Veil is shadowy, vague, and things seem to slip in and out of existence - materializing, morphing, and disappearing randomly. To venture further than the Veil is to go to death itself, as no one (recorded, at least) has ever returned from venturing deep into its borders. The denizens of Dehalen imagine their afterlife to be located beyond the Veil, and they call it the Halls of Satarin.
The Veil also acts as a fabric, keeping Dehalen together. The Grigora were the ones who actually created it, utilizing it as a crossroads, a magical pathway for them to easily travers back and forth between their world and the other worlds that they tread, spawning nightmares in their wake.

The Temple of Mirrors.

The temples that are scattered upon the very edges of the world throughout Dehalen function as portals between the realms, though this is known only to very few in Dehalen. Some say that they were creations of the Grigora, and that these temples are somehow the source of power that forms the Veil.
The Temple of Mirrors lies on the farthest shore of the dark Lake Khorakh. It is here that Slayd wakes up, believing himself to be either dead or traversing a dream.

The Maggot Kingdom.

Guarded on its western border by a thick, dark forest and the tall spire of the Watchers' Tower, the Maggot Kingdom is the largest and most powerful of the Insect Kingdoms. Its southern mountain range is the location of the immense and opulent golden palace of the Maggot King, which functions as an entire city.
Much of the Maggot Kingdom's interior is rolling hills and grassland, cut by swaths of forest and dotted with villages and cities. However, like much of Dehalen it appears to be quite empty. There is a distinct impression when wandering its rural roads that this place was once thriving, but that is most prosperous times have long since waned, leaving a beautiful and quiet decay in its wake.

The Spider Kingdom.

East of the Maggot Kingdom, the realm of the Spider Queen is a desolate and barren land. Cold marshes streaked with sandbars and the bleach-white skeletons of long-dead trees make up the entire northwestern expanse of the kingdom, eventually draining into steep ravines thick with giant cobwebs.
The Spider Queen's castle is located in a deep hollow within such a ravine, straddling what appears to be a misty and bottomless crevass. Her castle is translucent white and almost appears to glow, but despite this fairy-like appearance, the silken walls hold dark secrets.

The Locust Kingdom.

Beyond the mountains that border the southwestern edge of the Spider Kingdom lies the wide plains and golden-grained plateau of the Locust Kingdom. Gentle rolling hills lead to a wide and winding river, where giant water striders skirt the surface.
Along the banks of this river, the Locust King's citadel sprawls out on wooden stilts. It functions as a small town, much like the Maggot King's palace, but is far smaller and is adorned with grey stone and lined by many wooden piers. The streets are winding and the buildings are laid out in a haphazard manner, for the entire citadel was the absent-minded Locust King's own design.

The Beetle Kingdom.

A kingdom saturated in stillness and solitude, there are no towns or villages at all in the valley of the Beetle King. It lies directly on the edge of the Veil, and it is from here that many say the shades of the dead pass through the Veil and on to the Halls of Satarin, guided by the Beetle King. Barrows and ruins of a time long gone are scattered throughout the land, adorned with small blue flowers and overgrown vines. The Beetle King's castle is itself the largest of these ruins, its roof long since caved in and most of its halls rotting and abandoned. Among the ruins of the castle are the Reflecting Pools, deep and still pools of water (is it truly water?) that hold much of the history and magic of Dehalen. Peering into their depths is said to give the observer great wisdom, but some of them yield nothing but madness.
Deep within the walls of the castle lies the tomb and shrine of Moroloth, the Lich King. His body is cared for and guarded by the Beetle King himself, until such a time that a prophecy should be fulfilled.

The Worm Kingdom

To the southeast of the Beetle Kingdom, the Kingdom of Worms also borders the Southern Sea. It is a land of tall and steep hills and deep meadowed ravines, steeped in dense fog and peppered with intricate caverns. It is a difficult and dangerous landscape to traverse, and many that are unfamiliar will often find themselves lost, turning in circles only to be snared by a sudden sinkhole.
The Worm King's underground palace lies at the end of a long and winding cavern adorned with his massive sculptures, formed in the same patient way as the stalactites that drip from the ceiling. The palace opens up to a sweeping view from the steep cliffside of one of the last ravines in the Worm King's realm, close to the sea but just beyond its sight.

Amoth Shyr.

Far to the northwest beyond the Maggot Kingdom and nearing the edge of the Veil, lie the Rothen Mountains. At the foot of those mountains lies a barren plain, a field of cracked and broken ground where nothing grows but patches of moss and a few tiny blue flowers. It is called the Burning Grounds, and in the center lies the tower of Amoth Shyr. This was the lair of the Lich King, his fortress and his home. It holds all of its master's dark and brooding secrets, pervaded with a magic more powerful than anything else within the lands of Dehalen. It is the goal that Guile seeks, although Slayd does not know why.