Main Characters.

The Heir: Slayd.
Slayd wakes up at the beginning of the story to find that he doesn’t remember who he is. He is easily confused by what is happening around him, and he doesn’t understand this bizarre world that he seems to be so alien to. He is very sure that he doesn’t belong there, and that his own world and his home must be somewhere far away from this place. But it is because of his journey through the seemingly dark and twisted world of Dehalen that he begins to realize just who he really is. But is the person that he discovers really the one that Slayd wants to be?

The Guardian: Guile.
When we first meet Guile, he manifests himself as Slayd’s reflection in a mirror. Guile is far more than just a reflection, however. He is Slayd’s guardian and protector, and it is his duty to see that Slayd finds the right paths through the world of Dehalen, and ends up where he needs to be. But Guile is not just Slayd’s guardian. He holds many secrets, and his true motives and intentions are unspoken. Just what is Guile hiding, and can Slayd really trust him?

The Prince of Flies: Jyrr.
Jyrr is the adopted son of the Maggot King. He escorts Slayd and Guile to the Maggot Kingdom on his giant wasp. Slayd doesn’t remember, but according to what Guile and Jyrr say, Slayd has had some association with him before. When Slayd meets Jyrr for the first time after he has lost his memory, Jyrr is very polite and courteous, but Guile clearly doesn’t like him. What happened so long ago that makes Guile hold such animousity towards Jyrr?

The Maggot King: Jurochlus.
The Maggot King’s name is Jurochlus, but only a very few people actually call him by his name. (This is typical for kings in Dehalen.) He is a very wise and powerful man, and his people adore him. His kingdom is the largest and richest in all of Dehalen, and many people attribute this to the just rule of the Maggot King, as well as his great capacity for magical power. It is said he is more magic than man, and there certainly is a lot of man to the Maggot King.

The Mosquito King: Dysz.
A hunter by nature, Dysz is travel-worn, has little in the way of manners, and hides his face under a wide hat. Dysz obviously has some ties to both the Maggot King, who refers to him as his closest friend and ally, and to Guile, whom Dysz refers to as "prey". Guile and Dysz seem to be friends, but looks can sometimes be deceiving.

The Spider Queen: Anyphaena.
The Spider Queen is a mysterious and dangerous ruler of an equally mysterious - and treacherous - kingdom. Very few dwell in her kingdom, and she does not abide many visitors. She has the gift of prophecy, and holds a special hostility for Guile. What could she have foreseen that caused her to hold such a hatred for him? And why does she hold such a great respect for little Slayd?

The Locust King: Oedaleus.
The Locust King is an easily distracted and absent minded person, much to his aide Lieron’s chagrin. He and Guile seem to be on happy and friendly terms, and Slayd even took an instant liking to him when they first met. Still, he seems to be well aware of something sinister going on, and he and Guile’s cryptic conversations leave Slayd uneasy.

The Beetle King: Sirrhas.
Enigmatic and reserved, the Beetle King is one of the only people that Slayd thinks he can remember something about. Those memories are fond ones, but there is something not quite right about them. And there are so many secrets hidden amongst the ruins of his castle...

The Lich King: Moroloth.
As Slayd has traveled through the dark world of Dehalen, he has heard about the power and legend of the Lich King Moroloth, the savior of this nightmare world. Everyone that Slayd talks to claims that he was a great man, a powerful lord of magic, and that Slayd is his Heir. But Slayd is not so sure. How could he be the Heir of someone he has never even heard of before? Surely if he remembered anything, it would have been about such a man...