Chapter 1: Waking Up.
Chapter 2: The Mirror.
Chapter 3: Into A Nightmare World.
Chapter 4: Beneath The Water.
Chapter 5: Healing.
Chapter 6: Parting Gifts.
Chapter 7: Through the Forest.
Chapter 8: The Watcher.
Chapter 9: The Maggot King.
Chapter 10: Suspicions.
Chapter 11: Ballroom Dancing.
Chapter 12: Uncomfortable Secrets and a Possible Purpose?
Chapter 13: Small Revelations.
Chapter 14: Abrupt Departure.
Chapter 15: A Cold and Quiet Welcome.
Chapter 16: Wretched.
Chapter 17: A Gift for the Queen.
Chapter 18: Retrieval.
Chapter 19: Of Bells and Chimes.
Chapter 20: I Never Intended to Tell You.
Chapter 21: Some Light Reading.
Chapter 22: The Locust King.
Chapter 23: Storytelling.
Chapter 24: Retaliation.
Chapter 25: An Eye for an Eye.
Chapter 26: Of Hunting Flies and Traveling Alone.
Chapter 27: Crossing the Creek.
Chapter 28: Foothills.
Chapter 29: A Matter of Trust.
Chapter 30: Enchanted Ground.
Chapter 31: A Persistent Apparition.
Chapter 32: The Beetle King.
Chapter 33: They Hold Much of the World.
Chapter 34: Whole Seas of Confusion.
Chapter 35: Resolve.
Chapter 36: Promises Made.
Chapter 37: The Lich King.
Chapter 38: Remembering.
Chapter 39: Breaking Barriers.
Chapter 40: Seeing with New Eyes.
Chapter 41: Mixed Messages.
Chapter 42: Getting Reacquainted.
Chapter 43: Sealing Away.
Chapter 44: Blood Ties.
Chapter 45: Shadows on the Crags.
Chapter 46: The Gallery.
Chapter 47: The Worm King.
Chapter 48: Approaching the Sea.
Chapter 49: The Lighthouse.
Chapter 50: (Coming soon!)

Future chapters will be available as I finish editing them.