I welcome constructive feedback, comments, questions, and criticism. Although I will try to answer any feedback I receive (really hard!), I may not always reply back because I'm an awkward turtle and a flake, oops.

Contact Info.

The easiest way to contact me is via the askbox or fanmail on either my tumblr art blog (Maritime Sarcophagus) or my personal blog (Asphalt Sarcophagus).

I am inactive on Deviantart (Chronomorphosis), and Pixiv (Chronomorphosis), and only occasionally post on Y!Gallery (also Chronomorphosis). I still log in occasionally to all three of those accounts so I can still be contacted that way, it's just pretty inefficient.

I can also be reached via an Insect Kings-only tumblr blog Insect Kings (naturally), which will eventually be the primary mode of contact for Insect Kings related stuff, but for now that blog is pretty empty as I'm still working on integrating story stuff with tumblr.