I draw a lot, and occasionally I actually draw my own characters too. These are all of the pictures I currently don't hate, and once I get the tumblr up and running for Insect Kings, there will probably be more pictures posted there as well.
Some of these might have spoilers (hell, some of this stuff hasn't even shown up in the story yet), so hover over the thumbnails for a description if that kind of thing matters to you.


Main Characters.

Slayd's reference picture.   A more accurate rendering of Slayd.   Quick doodle of Slayd when he's older.   Guile and Slayd being uncharacteristically affectionate.

Guile's reference picture.   Detail sketch of Guile's second mouth when it's extended.   Slayd's first impression of Guile.   Old picture of Guile coming out of the shadows.   Guile after Chapter 30.   Guile with the Crimson Lord, from the short story 'Reading the Cards'.  

Jyrr's reference picture.   Quick sketch of Jyrr.  

Kings and Queens.

Sketch of the Maggot King.   The Mosquito King's reference picture.   The Spider Queen's reference picture.   The Locust King's reference picture.   A sketch portrait of the Beetle King.  

Moroloth, the Lich King.   Sketch of a young Moroloth.  

Other Characters.

Sketch of the priest Incavius.   Wretch. A scene from Chapter 16.   Lord Flea's reference picture.   Portrait of Lord Flea.   The Huntsman.  

Some sketches of Korrfish.   Hagfish.