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Insect Kings and all related material © 2005-2015 Kristian Lusasinti. Please do not repost or distribute without permission.

Website design and layout was coded by hand and is probably full of errors, why would you even want that ahahaha.


Insects on buttons are from brushes created by HelenaArtAtHome.

Insects on breaks and header bars are from brushes created by Pure Anodyne.

Title font is Zothique by The Scriptorium.

Font on header bars is IM Fell DW Pica SC by Igino Marini and can be found on Google Fonts.

Font used for header and menu links is Astonished by Misprinted Type.


Huge amounts of thanks to my best friend, precious bb, partner in crime, and zucchini 4 lyfe, for helping me with my code and for fixing things when I break them. And for being constantly supportive, patient, and incredibly generous with both time and love.