Insect Kings

"'Once upon a time,' is how fairy tales begin. But this is not a fairy tale. Fairy tales have things like beautiful princesses and noble heroes, fierce dragons and happily-ever-after endings. But this story has none of those, so if you like that sort of tale, then this story may not be the kind you would like to read."

This story is about a boy who wakes up alone, not knowing who he is, or where he comes from. Thinking he is dead, he finds himself lost in a world where no one seems to exist anymore, until he falls asleep in an old abandoned farmhouse. He awakes to meet someone who will carry him away to a place where there is no sun, and trees move like spiders, and lords of insects weave magic from a tapestry that makes a world gone mad.


"Insect Kings" is a work-in-progress gothic horror fantasy story.