The Premise.

Insect Kings is a gothic fantasy story with elements of horror and romance sprinkled throughout. Starting out written almost like a children's book, the story takes place in the chaotic world of Dehalen, which is quite far-removed from our own. The story focuses around the misbegotten adventures of a boy named Slayd, who cannot remember ever being a part of Dehalen, despite that everything around him seems to point to the fact that he is inextricably tied to it. He is guided through this perilous world by his mysterious and eyeless guardian, Guile, who seems to know much more than he should about the inexplicable happenings of the world around them. Is Slayd really the Heir to the savior of this world? Can he avoid the fate that seems to weigh heavily on his shoulders, even though he doesn't even know what it is? And what does Guile want with Slayd, and what does he have to do with Dehalen's future?

Disclaimers and Warnings.

Contains scenes of graphic violence, horror, adult situations both awkward and explicit, disproportionate representation, some bad words, and possibly other miscellaneous offensive material. Also there's a hell of a lot of gay shit.

Site Viewing.

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